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Overview of both on-going and finished personal projects

Seo Site Checker

SEO Tools, analyzing any website and measuring it's SEO performance.
Side project, help web developers maximize SEO on web pages.
The site checker will give relevant information about HTTP headers, HTML content and performance.
Only for personal use, thus no website.


[ GitHub | Google Play ]

Android application, finding new movies and TV shows.
Side project, helping the user track movies and TV shows, through the TMDB API.
The app lists relevant details about movies and TV shows, providing information like the plot, user ratings, genres and more. Trailers is also integrated.
The user can also save movies and TV shows in personal lists, which will be linked to the users TMDB lists.
The work is in progress..

JavaFX Fractals

[ GitHub ]

JavaFX application, showcasing various famous fractals.
Side project, developed alongside with reading "Fractals Everywhere", by Michael F. Barnsley.
The application has no "value" for users, it is developed because of personal interests.
Developed in Java, using the JavaFX library.
The work is in progress..

SpringBoot Notes

[ GitHub ]

Simple Web Application, with a Java backend using the SpringBoot Framework.
The application was built for learning purposes, and is quite simple. Through a webform one can insert notes, which will be stored in a database.
The application was built using the MVC-pattern.
The backend consists of a MySQL database, and database connectivity is done with Java Hibernate and Java SpringBoot.
The application was built for learning purposes

ImageJ plugins

[ GitHub ]

Plugins written for image manipulation and processing in ImageJ.
Some of the plugins have little practical use; developed alongside a course in digital image processing at USN.
The plugins are developed for learning purposes.

Cabins for Rent - 48h exam

[ GitHub]

Website for a fictional company providing cabins for rent.
The site was developed as an 48 hour assignment in an introductional web developer course through HSN.
No external libraries aside from jQuery was allowed, and developing a backend was not part of the assignment.
The assignment was graded, and received an A.

Spring API - JWT authentication

[ GitHub]

API example with authentication, developed in Spring Boot.
Can serve as a starter project for APIs with JWT authentication.
Authentication done with Spring Security and Json Web Tokens.
Backend consists of a MySQL database.


[ GitHub]

Application built with Spring MVC.
User must authenticate (Spring Security), before adding / deleting customers.
User passwords are stored in an encrypted format using bcrypt.
Backend consists of a MySQL database.

Spring Quiz API

[ GitHub]

API for a Quiz Application.
Demo application developed with Spring MVC and Spring Security.


Overview of education and courses

Bachelor Computer Science

HSN, 2016 - 2019

[ Link to course ]

Information technology deals with the planning, development, improvement, evaluation and use of programs and computer systems. The programme focuses on:

  • Operating systems and networks
  • Modelling and programming
  • Information Security
  • Web development
  • Algorithms
  • Databases

Bachelor Renewable Energy

NTNU, 2013 - 2016

[ Link to course ]

The course acquired a solid basis in technologies for the production, delivery, management, use and distribution of renewable energy. The programme focused on:

  • Utilization of alternative energy sources
  • Distribution of energy
  • Energy planning
  • Hydropower
  • Bioenergy